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Marlbrook Baptist Church Benevolence Request Guidelines


In the interest of helping others we have a small fund set aside to assist those in financial crisis situations. We call this our Benevolence Fund. Because we must give account to God and the people of MBC, we take the distribution of these funds very seriously. Following is a list of important principles that are essential to understand when seeking financial assistance.


  • In accordance with 1 Timothy 5:8, we will ask you to take primary responsibility for your needs and then turn to your family before church funds are involved.


  • Benevolence funds can only be granted based upon primary short-term needs, and after an application has been filled out in full. These needs are defined as those necessary for physical survival resulting from unforeseen events.


  • We cannot give cash. If your request is granted, a church check will be written so the church can keep appropriate records of all disbursements. If assistance with a specific bill is requested documentation will be required and the church will at their discretion distribute the funds directly to the business/service provider.


  • Our intention is to help with what we deem as physical needs necessary for survival. We cannot help with bills that we deem as unnecessary (such as but not limited to: cable/satellite television, internet service, telephone/cell phone, etc.)


  • Because of limited funds, our benevolence fund has a $100.00 cap on the amount that is dispersed to non-members in need of assistance.


  • Benevolence funds can only be granted to a requestor or their immediate family members one time in a 12-month period after assistance has been approved.


  • Should repeat assistance be requested within any timeframe, a meeting will be scheduled with the benevolence director, and/or Pastor to go over your financial situation and offer financial counseling/advice to help with your current situation.


  • Completed benevolence request forms will be presented at the next scheduled Deacon’s meeting after receiving the completed form (Deacon meetings are normally the first Sunday of each month)


  • Benevolence Request forms will be accepted anytime via email at, or they can be turned in to the Pastor after any scheduled church service.


  • After your form is submitted, attendance to one of our services is required for final approval of your application and for funds to be given.


  • Service times are: Sundays 10am, 11am, 6pm; Wednesday 7pm. We will meet with you briefly following the service you attend to finalize your benevolence requests.